Abcalia: El Viaje de los Sueños - Ricardo Roque Mateos

As you all know by now, I am completing a Masters in Spanish Philology at a university in Madrid. I am not a huge fan of science fiction, but I had to pick a book from the Top-10 of Spanish authors in the genre and I chose this one from 2013.




I don't really know how the author came up with the plot, but it's really original. He doesn't seem to have influences from other authors. It looks like a sci-fi book written by someone who doesn't have a clue about the expectations of the readers, and despite that, the ideas are fresh, the argument makes sense, and the language is quite new. If this book were in English I am sure they would have made a movie about it by now but, unfortunately, it's in Spanish.


A man who has dreams about a woman who changes shapes and personalities throughout different planets ends up living a double life in which he chases after her in his dreams while he is consumed in real life. All this while making a philosophical theory about the meaning of life and wrapping everything up with an epic ending.


It's regarded as one of the best novels to learn Spanish, so if you are either learning or simply interested in Spanish science fiction, be sure to have a look at it.